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Busy being the best septic system company in NWA

When you have a septic system for your Northwest Arkansas home or business, you want it to be as easy and problem-free as possible; just as if you were connected to a city sewer system. By hiring BBB Septic, Storm Shelters, & Portable Toilets to perform your septic tank install, repairs and system service contracts for ongoing maintenance, you are guaranteeing this reality.


BBB Septic is a full-service septic tank installation, repair and service company based in Rogers, AR that serves the surrounding area including locations throughout Benton County and Washington County. We work closely with homeowners and builders to provide the best septic service available, regardless if the property is decades old, or if it is new construction.  


Our tagline is “Busy Being the Best” for a reason. We are the most sought-after, septic system, portable toilet, and storm shelter company in Northwest Arkansas.


Professional septic service since 1987

We have been offering our professional, licensed BBB septic tank installation and pump services and since 1987. Each of our licensed and fully-trained technicians is hand-picked by our management team to provide the most complete septic tank services in Northwest Arkansas from Rogers, AR to Fayetteville, AR.


We also partner with a growing number of septic system component manufacturers who offer the highest quality parts for any septic system. The manufacturers we partner with in our business include:

  • Norweco
  • Norwesco
  • Infiltrator
  • Hausner
  • Zoeller
  • Myers
  • Tufftight
  • PolyLoc
  • Jurop
  • Crust Buster
  • Geoflow
  • AeroTech
  • BioMicrobics
  • Just Flush
  • Piles Concrete

Trusted by Local Plumbers and Home OWners Alike All Across NWA.


Septic System Services in Northwest Arkansas

We are a full-service septic system company, which saves you both time and money because we offer all the services you will need to have a healthy, functional septic system.


Septic System Installation

Each component of your septic system is crucial to a safe, sanitary, and properly functioning system. Whether you’re in the middle of constructing a new property, or replacing a component in a faulty septic system, the process is complex and involves expert training and precision. Let our licensed, trained technicians install the system that will meet your family’s or clients’ needs.


Septic System Pumping

At BBB, we provide expert septic system pumping services to safely and efficiently perform a septic pump out of sludge. We’ll locate your tank with minimal damage to your property and strive to ensure that cleanup is easy and efficient.


Septic System Repair

Our system repair services can save you money and stress by simply repairing the parts of your septic system that are damaged instead of replacing the entire system. Signs of system damage such as excessive odor and even backup of sewage into your home is unpleasant at best and will quickly cause damage to your property.


Septic System Covers and Risers

Choosing the right components for your system is vital to its ability work properly. At BBB, we believe in offering our customers education that will help them make the right decision when choosing various system components including septic system covers and risers.


Lateral Line Cleaning

Some minor sewer line problems can be solved by snaking, but many cannot. Our technicians can clean out major debris that is clogging your lines, providing you with a functional system and preventing major damage to your system and property.


Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems

Northwest Arkansas contractors and homeowners have even more options available for their septic system needs with the Singulair Green® advanced wastewater treatment system. The Singulair Green system by Norweco, Inc. is an aerobic treatment unit designed to biologically treat domestic wastewater and produce a clear odorless liquid that can be safely returned to the environment.

We at BBB Septic, Storm Shelters, Portable Toilets are licensed distributors and service providers of this system, which is a perfect fit for a growing number of Northwest Arkansas home builders. The Singulair Green system comes to you complete, including delivery, tank setting, equipment installation, plant start-up and service.



BBB Septic of North West Arkansas is now  offering a new maintenance service for a low monthly cost that will save you headaches down the road and will prevent the need for costly repairs in the future.

Service Across North West Arkansas in these locations

  • Fayettville Ar
  • Bentonville Ar
  • Lowell Ar
  • Springdale Ar
  • Rogers Ar
  • Centerton Ar
  • Bella vista Ar
  • Pea Ridge Ar
  • & more!