Let BBB Septic Give Your Commercial Septic System A Boost


Over time, buildup in your leach field lines inhibits functionality of your septic system. Instead of replacing clogged parts, consider removing of all the junk inside that is obstructing that peak performance. This is a much more cost-effective solution when you take into account the cost of a whole new septic system. Today, let’s explore septic rejuvenation and see if your system could use a boost.

Boost Custom Cleaning

With a Boost septic rejuvenation, BBB technicians will start by pumping out the water from your leach field. At that time, they will also insert a Leach Field Port which makes access easier for future treatments. Then, 25 pounds of Boost bacteria is activated by mixing in 25 gallons of water. While this bio-material-consuming formula is being prepared, the techs will clean out each leach line using water jetting technology. Anything clogging up the lines will be flushed out with this intense water pressure cleaning method. Once your pipes are cleared, the activated Boost bacteria is poured into the distribution box and jetted evenly throughout all the leach lines. The techs also add an additional 6 pounds of Boost to your septic tank. Over the next couple of months, the Boost bacteria will grow and devour any sludge that it encounters.

Why Does This Save My Business Money?

Besides saving you from buying a brand new septic system, Boost rejuvenation ultimately extends the life of your current one. It prevents damage to your pipes which means less repair work and interference to your landscaping. Also, operation and maintenance costs go down because you now have a performance-enhanced system. On top of that, septic tanks have been shown to have two to five times increased capacity after getting Boosted!

Don’t Give Up on Your Current System

If you have been told your septic system is far beyond repair and needs replacement, consult the experts at BBB first. Perhaps you are experiencing ponding or foul odors and want to see if we have an answer that’s friendlier to your budget. We will gladly visit your property and advise a customized solution to save your current system if possible. A simple Boost may do the trick, and it won’t cost you a year’s salary. Contact Us Today or Schedule a Septic System Rejuvenation.


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