Septic Systems

A septic system functions as a mini sewerage therapy facility mainly built on houses found in areas where the use of local sewage system is very difficult. Some are built to last a lifetime; improper septic tank upkeep can result in damage and early breakdown of the septic process.

Septic Tank is a good system that most home and business owners in North West Arkansas cities like Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville can afford to install in their house or apartments for the effective sewage system. This system will collect the wastewater coming from all the outlets of lavatories, bathrooms, washing stations, and kitchen flows into the tank through leach fields or drains fields. After entering the tank, this wastewater will get separated from solid waste materials. All the solid waste materials will settle down at the bottom of the container forming a thick layer called sludge.

Wastewater will be above the sludge known as effluent and all the other waste substances like oil and grease will form a thin layer on the water called scum. Liquid waste passes out through the leach field or drain field and it is absorbed by the ground. Flushing out the wastewater takes place according to the tank capacity and keeps clean.

Most of them forget to be concern about the septic tank cleaning and pumping. Most of the people are unaware of the issues of this system and don’t know in how they can be avoided. As this system is very essential in every house or apartment, it needs good maintenance to increase its life and to avoid major repairs and replacements. Most of them avoid all cleaning and pumping the system to save some money, but they don’t realize that this can raise the risk in the entire process of the system in the future.

Septic Tank Problems

There are a few problems with the septic tank and everyone who owns this system in their houses should know it. Problems in this system arise if you do not maintain it successfully.
Dumping excessive solid waste materials can damage your drain field pipelines which lead to clogging or blockages. You should avoid dumping cotton buds and sanitary napkins. If this happens then the wastewater will not flow towards the tank. It flows back in the pipes and comes out from sinks and bathroom outlets.

Over-loading the tank having water may reduce the anaerobic digestion procedure in the system which makes effective. Overflows on the drain field or seepage field can happen that could include floating scum apart from the liquids within the tank that could further cause health and environment issues.

Other problems also arise due to the heavy dumping of oils and grease. If this is continued, the inlet drains will be blocked. Oils and grease are not supposed to dump in the sewage tank and they create huge problems as they are very difficult to degrade and they cause odor problems.

There are few chemicals few people use in septic tank cleaning. Such chemicals should not be used as they harm the bacteria exist in the tank. These bacteria are very helpful in breaking down the heavy solid waste materials into smaller particles. Completely avoid adding pesticides, paints, or solvents can spoil the entire system. Do not dump paints and other solvent wastes into the sewage container. Dispose them separately or in a garbage can.

These are the main problems that occur in most of the septic tank holders. These are due to the poor maintenance of the system. Proper care of septic tank can prevent from all these issues. If your septic system is troubling, contact BBB Septic cleaning company that serves all septic services including repairs around North West Arkansas areas and cities like Bentonville that can solve the problem at an affordable cost

Here are some things that you can actually do to prevent bigger problems:

1. Hire a professional to annually check the tank and pipes for leaks and accumulation of sludge. If leaks are discovered, it’s best to have them go ahead and fix it for you because most problems grow over time. If sludge accumulation is discovered, it’s important to discover the reason why sludge is accumulating faster than normal; a frequent cause is overuse of the kitchen garbage disposal. BBB septic servicing company can solve such predicament.

2. Conserve water. Always keep in mind that all the water that is flushed in your toilet, sink or drains goes directly to the tank. Water takes a lot of space, and there will be instances where your tank will be filled with water and not of solid waste materials. Thus, in order to avoid the need to drain more often, make sure to practice water conservation.

3. Only get services from licensed contractors every time you need pumping services or repairs done to your system. Trying to fix your system by yourself or by someone who is not licensed and trained may only lead to bigger problems. In addition, make sure that you only get the services of a licensed contractor or highly experienced plumber for your repair needs because many states require licensure for a contractor to legally work on a system and a properly licensed contractor will know all the county permits required to start work.BBB Septic experts are fully certified and approved to service and repair septic tanks in North West Arkansas regions.

4. Maintain the surroundings above your tank. The tree roots can actually cause major problems. They can break pipes leading to and from the tank, and they have a tendency to grow toward the water and nutrient-rich soil of the leach field. It is highly recommended to install in a location where trees are not present. Shallow-rooted plants can be planted and are actually beneficial. Also, make sure that no heavy equipment or cars are parked directly on top of the tank or the absorption field.

5. Always be vigilant once the signs of problems have been noticed. A slow draining toilet, sink or drain may be indicative of a full or clogged septic tank. Be very attentive to these signs and be sure to have the tank drained as soon as you notice them.

6. Sewage odors and sewage backing up can also sign of problems in your system.

The Ins And Outs of Septic Tank Inspection Services

Maintaining a septic system is not difficult if done on a regular basis. There are a few steps that go into a septic tank inspection in North West Arkansas that will keep it working properly. These can efficiently be done by professional inspection services.

Inspection of Plumbing Parts

The starting point for the inspection is actually inside the house. All the sinks and toilets and tubs will drain into the septic tank. If these start to drain slower than normal or even back up on a regular basis, there may be a clog leading into the septic tank. This is something a homeowner may notice anytime during the year and should have the problem checked as soon as possible. If not corrected, the drains may become fully clogged and overflow waste into the house. During an inspection, experts turns on each faucet or appliance for a few moments to ensure everything drains properly.

Tank Inspection

The next step is to inspect the holding tank. There should be a manhole that allows access into the tank. Over time the manhole can become overgrown with weeds and brush or even get buried by shifting dirt. The inspector will look to see how high the water level is and how soon the tank will need to be emptied. Any liquid will drain out to the drainfield where it is spread out into the earth. What is left in the tank is known as the scum and sludge.

The sludge is made up of all the solids that settle to the bottom of the tank. This level builds up over time and can begin to flow out into the drainfield. The scum is the oils and grease and lightweight solids that float on the top of the sludge. As this layer of gunk builds up, it can actually clog the drain, causing the septic tank to overflow. One important note; dangerous gases can begin to build up in the tank as the waste is broken down by useful bacteria. These gases can be extremely hazardous and precautions such as a gas mask need to be taken to prevent serious problems.

Drainfield Inspection

The locations of the septic tank and drainfield are critical to the success of the system. The drainfield needs to be away from the house and the tank in an area where the liquids can be dispersed into the soil without affecting the groundwater. The pipes are gravity fed and have holes all along the bottom to drain the water out. They are buried in soil that is conducive to quick dispersion and surrounded by a layer of gravel to keep the dirt from flowing backwards into the pipes. If the wrong location is chosen or the drain pipes are not properly installed, they can either back up into the tank causing it to overflow. Or, the ground gets saturated too quickly and the waste liquids bubble to the surface. This is the one area that a BBB Septic professional should periodically inspect with a camera device to ensure the drain tubes are not clogging with dirt.

It is highly recommended to get it done quickly to avoid any aggravation of the problems on the system. Getting it done on the standard schedule will avoid the need to potentially replace the distribution pipes and/or drainfield, thus, avoiding spending more money.

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