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 Septic Tank Installations

Prepare and design your system. The first step in any professional septic installer like BBB Septic Solutions will have a site survey done and do soil testing on the area where the system will be installed. For a septic tank installation to be done the system has to designed based on the findings of the survey and results of the soil test. After this, the appropriate permits and approvals can be applied for.

  • soil type and layering (clay, rock, sand and where it is located relative to the depth)
  • ability of the soil to drain and filter wastewater properly.
  • Site survey findings that influence the design include things like:
    • available area
    • topography (septic will need be able drain downhill)
    • intended purpose and perceived water use based on the size of the size of the house and number of bathrooms
  • location of any nearby wells and neighboring wells.
  • Soil test findings that influence the design include things like:

Excavation. Once BBB has received the necessary approvals they will proceed with excavation on the desired location for install. They will then excavate to at least 2 feet deep and drill a hole through the wall to where the septic will enter the house, sometimes they may go deeper and go under the footing, whichever is desired, and/or necessary.

Plan for the flow to go downhill from here, as this is exactly what a gravity fed system is all about. It does not use a mechanical means other than gravity to discharge the waste from the tank to the drain field.

septic system installers working on a tank

Once the line from the house has been ran they will proceed to excavate a hole large enough to set the Concrete tank. Sophisticated Laser equipment is incorporated  to ensure that the tank is set at the most desirable depth. This will ensure the flow from the house and from the tank are all down hill.

Lay out and excavation your drain field will be as determined by the test done in the permit process. When laying out and excavating, BBB will check to make sure the system maintains a positive flow between the tank and the drain field.


Burial. Once the System is determined to have optimal flow, all of the lines can be buried and Covers and risers may be added. This part is fairly straightforward but must be done with care to ensure that no damage is done to the system. Often times it will have to be done manually to ensure the large equipment does not crush any of the components or they will have to be repaired.

Call BBB Septic Solutions for all of your septic installation and maintenance needs, where we have professionals that care.